The following provides answers to the most common questions regarding our application.

What is the maximum number of containers that I can book via KN Pledge?

In order to receive an instant pricing or place an automated booking the maximum number of containers that can be quoted and booked online is 9 containers. In case that your booking is more than 9, please reach out to your nearest Kuehne-Nagel office who will be happy to assist you with the requested quote.  

I would like to receive a rate for multiple container types and sizes, how do I proceed via KN Pledge?

KN Pledge is right now only able to provide you with instant pricing for 1 container type, so in the event that you have multiple container types and sizes, multiple rate requests can be sent.

On top of the extended liability that is incl. into KN Pledge, can I insure my goods for their full value in case that the cargo value is more than $100.000?

Yes, we can arrange full cover via Nacora Insurance Brokers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuehne + Nagel. If you want to request an insurance quotation please contact your local Kuehne + Nagel office. Contact details are available here. If you want to book insurance cover as part of an online booking, please add instructions to the remarks section in the booking entry screen. For more information about insurance coverage click here.

What do you mean by guaranteed lead time for KN Pledge?

In case that Kuehne-Nagel is to exceed the lead-time given to you at the time of quotation, we will refund you the freight charges paid. Terms and conditions apply.

When does the KN Pledge lead time start and end?

The lead-time starts when Kuehne + Nagel takes possession of the container. For door moves, the lead-time starts at the time of pick up from customer’s selected premises and for container yard moves, from the time the container was delivered back to the container yard or the respective ramp. The lead- time stops when Kuehne + Nagel hands over the possession of the container to the consignee, its agent, representative or other nominated third parties. For door- to-door moves, the lead-time ends at the time of delivery at the customer’s selected premises and for container yard moves, it ends from the time of container availability at the container yard.

What is covered in your extended KN Pledge liability?

On top of our standard Bill of lading terms and conditions, the extended liability offered through KN Pledge is covering the following:

  • Accidental damage, including act, neglect, or default of the master, mariner, pilot, or the servants of the carrier in the navigation or in the management of the ship
  • Fire, Explosion, Washing over board,  Perils, dangers and accidents of the sea or other navigable waters
  • Act of God, (natural perils)
  • Act of War and Strikes, within the scope of the war and strikes clauses
  • General Averages Securities

Terms and conditions apply.


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